We buy a variety of silver scrap from customers throughout the United States who want to sell their silver material direct to the processor.

Industrial Silver Scrap Buyers. Sell Silver Flake, Sludge and Any Overstock Scrap Containing Silver.

Industrial Silver Scrap Buyers in Massachusetts

The stable value of silver has made collecting it an increasingly popular revenue strategy. Selling silver at opportune times or when finances require is a necessary aspect of this practice. Since 1945 and counting, when local businesses and individual decide it is time to cash in on their collection, they trust our team at Precious Metals Reclaiming Service. We have come to be recognized as the go-to industrial silver scrap buyers in Massachusetts through our unwavering commitment to value and customer experience. Our transparent process consists of testing and weighing your materials while you watch, then writing you a check that reflects these measurements on the spot.

We are a family owned and operated company. We have been in business since 1945.

Our status as the first choice for industrial silver scrap buyers in Massachusetts is continuously renewed through positive feedback from those who we work with. On Yelp, Lynette K. describes our straight-forward process in her concise 5-star review, “I left here a very happy girl. They were really nice and explained things to me. I walked out with a check for a pile of silver.”

Another reviewer, Susan G., explains why she makes the trip to Precious Metals Reclaiming, “The family that runs this shop is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I was helped by the dad, daughter and son. They made this experience easy and pleasant. In fact, I sorted through my things and made three trips to them in less than a week. […] They were very careful in determining worth. I highly recommend them. Previously, I'd sent my things to a firm in the Midwest. This is my go-to if I have more to sell. Well worth the trip from Boston for me.”

We have been a leading industrial silver scrap buyer since 1945 - that's more than half a century of trusted service. We purchase industrial silver scrap from clients across the United States from our Massachusetts and Florida silver scrap processing locations.

Selling industrial silver scrap can be a confusing and frustrating endeavor if you don’t know where to start. Avoid the expense of listing on digital marketplaces and time squandered on playing phone tag with independent private buyers. When you sell directly to our team of industrial silver scrap buyers in Massachusetts, you’ll receive the best value for your items with a level of customer service only found at a multi-generational family business like ours. Payment is fast and in full. You will leave with check in hand immediately following the transaction.

Every day, customers tell us that we pay more than anyone around.

Living in Oregon, I dealt with PMR (Precious Metals Reclaiming) thru the mail. They were quick with a phone call when they received my gold to tell me the value and just as quick getting a check to me. PMR was very fair, honest and very easy to deal with. I highly recommend them!!

- Ed in Oregon
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We are buyers of silver industrial overstock scrap working with customers throughout the United States who want to sell silver industrial scrap at the best rates in the industry.

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We buy from customers and companies across the United States who want to sell silver sludge and photographic silver flake.

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