Sell Dental Gold Direct & Get Paid More

Sell dental gold and dental gold scrap containing precious metals in all forms direct to the processor from anywhere in the United States.

Sell Dental Gold Direct To The Processor From Anywhere In The USA

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We buy precious metals scrap from dentists and dental labs who want to sell dental gold and dental rugs containing dental scraps direct to the processor. We buy and refine dental gold scrap from customers across the United States.

We are family owned and operated
in business since 1945.

If you want to sell dental gold lab scrap, dental lab rugs and dentists vacuum bags and scrap containing precious metals, then call our dental gold scrap buyers today.

Precious Metals Reclaiming Service, in business since 1945 - All dental gold and precious metals lots are evaluated fairly and honestly. You will be sure to get paid the best value when you sell dental gold scrap because you will be selling direct to the processor - no middle-people, no agents or resellers.

We have been in business since 1945, trusted by dental labs and dentists to recover gold, silver, platinum and palladium found within your dental lab scrap and dental rugs.

We are a leading buyer of dental scrap containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We buy dental gold scrap and dental lab rugs working with individual dealers and dental labs/dentists across the United States. Call us today for a no-cost, no-obligation appraisal of your dental gold scrap material.

Every day, customers tell us that we pay more than anyone around.

Living in Oregon, I dealt with PMR (Precious Metals Reclaiming) thru the mail. They were quick with a phone call when they received my gold to tell me the value and just as quick getting a check to me. PMR was very fair, honest and very easy to deal with. I highly recommend them!!

- Ed in Oregon

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sell dental precious metals scrap

We have been providing dentists and dental labs with reliable, prompt and efficiet service to sell dental gold scrap direct for over 65 years.

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Dentists and dental labs throughout the United States trust us to pay them the best prices around when they sell their dental gold scrap direct to the processor.

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