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Sell silver contacts scrap and silver industrial scrap in all forms direct to the processor from anywhere in the USA.

Sell Silver Contact Scrap Direct To The Processor

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sell silver contact scrap

We buy and process silver bearing material in all forms. We buy silver contacts, metallic replacement cartridge sludge and electronic rejects/obsolete electronic scrap items containing silver.

We are a family owned and operated precious metals buying company.
We have been in business since 1945.

We are trusted by companies and individuals as far away as California, New Jersey, Texas and New York who want to sell silver contact scrap direct to the processor.

Precious Metals Reclaiming Service, in business since 1945 - we buy and process industrial electronic scrap containing silver, gold plated scrap and platinum and palladium bearing scrap in all forms. Our honest returns and trusted service have kept our customers coming back for over 65 years. Sell your industiral silver, silver contact scrap and silver flake and any material containing silver direct and get paid more.

We are a leading buyer of electronic scrap containing silver and silver industrial scrap. We have been in business since 1945 - that's more than half a century of trusted service.

We buy silver contacts from clients across the United States to ensure that you get the highest pay-outs when you sell silver contact scrap, industrial silver bearing material as well as silver sludge and solutions.

We do our own silver contact scrap processing. Companies and individuals throughout the United States trust us to process and pay the best value for their silver contact scrap.

Every day, customers tell us that we pay more than anyone around.

Living in Oregon, I dealt with PMR (Precious Metals Reclaiming) thru the mail. They were quick with a phone call when they received my gold to tell me the value and just as quick getting a check to me. PMR was very fair, honest and very easy to deal with. I highly recommend them!!

- Ed in Oregon

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sell silver contact scrap

We are a family owned and operated silver buying and processing company. Give Jason and Larry a call at our Massachusetts location or call Allan and Jake in our Florida location.

silver contact scrap buyers

We buy silver contacts from customers and companies across the United States who want to sell silver contacts scrap direct to the processor.

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